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Workforce Management

Time & Labor Management

Approve time off requests

Manage overtime and compensatory time

Monitor attendance

Track paid time off



Determine shift eligibility

Predictive scheduling

Shift request status


Workforce Scheduling

Categorize employees

Communicate shift shortages

Predict future workforce needs

Set schedules


Expense Management

Automate processes

Comply with regulations

Minimize reimbursement time

Paywerx offers an integrated Workforce Management solution that not only fulfills the evolving expectations of your workforce but also drives operational efficiency.


With Paywerx, you gain the power to accurately track and manage time, attendance, and expenses across your entire team. Our platform features advanced Time & Labor Management tools that allow you to handle compliance and labor allocation seamlessly.


Our End-to-End Scheduling capability empowers you to auto-generate optimized schedules based on historical employee demand data and forecasting dashboards. This ensures that you can adjust staffing levels on-demand while considering hourly rates and availability, thus minimizing costs and maximizing productivity.


Beyond scheduling and time management, we offer robust Expense Management features that streamline and automate processes, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing reimbursement time—all without the need for additional software.


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Our solutions empower you with control over payroll processing, human capital management, workforce scheduling, and time and labor management, all with the highest levels of security and accuracy. By choosing Paywerx, you are choosing a partner committed to delivering timely, precise employee payments while equipping you with the insights and tools you need to effectively manage your human resources.

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