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Paywerx client setup process


  • Payroll Advisors assist clients to complete the Client Setup Form Package


  • Payroll Advisors assist clients to complete Federal Form 8655 and applicable state electronic filing authorization forms


  • Payroll Advisors assist clients to collect data needed for conversion

Direct deposit of payroll significantly increases payroll efficiencies and convenience for employees and employers


  • Payroll Advisors complete the Direct Deposit Setup Spreadsheet


  • Payroll Advisors assist clients to complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form


  • Payroll Advisors obtain client's most recently filed Federal 941/943/944 along with completed Form 8655 for validation by direct deposit processor

Employers may find the forms below helpful when onboarding new employees or making changes to employee information​​:


Important Templates and Instructions

  • Import templates are available to assist with conversions from any payroll system.

  • Paywerx or CRI will import employee data for clients that previously used other payroll systems.

Power of Attorney Forms

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