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Paywerx offers a streamlined recruitment solution tailored to your needs. Leverage cutting-edge technology to attract top talent, improve candidate experience, and effortlessly fill positions that align with your organization's goals.


Paywerx provides comprehensive payroll and workforce management solutions for organizations of any size via an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that streamlines communication at every level. We work with you and trusted advisors, like your accountants, to understand your organization so we can best deliver timely and accurate employee payments while providing you with the information you need to manage your human resources.

Talent Management

Talent Acquisition

Whether you're looking to expand your team fast, hire remote employees, or tap into a diverse talent pool, Paywerx offers the tech solutions you need to fill your positions with the right people.

HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll

Paywerx HR & Payroll offers a cohesive solution that enhances efficiency by reducing redundancy, minimizing errors, and lowering risk.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Optimize workforce management with Paywerx by accurately monitoring time, attendance, and expenditures. 

Talent Management Services

Talent Management

Facilitate an environment where employees can learn, innovate, and excel, thereby enhancing productivity across the board.



We are proud to announce that Paywerx is iSolved’s Network Partner Rookie of the Year -  2022!

Transitioning to the iSolved Network allows Paywerx to operate in a completely integrated system providing improved efficiencies with daily payroll tasks. This new platform also allows the CRI and Paywerx family to deliver a superior product and many other value-added offerings to our client base.

isolved Network Hall of Fame Member Rookie of the Year Paywerx

For more information about this award or to find out more about our services, email



Get in Touch

If you seek to optimize payroll accuracy, enhance workforce scheduling, or fortify your human capital management, Paywerx stands ready to assist. For inquiries, please fill out the Contact Form and someone will reach out to you.

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